Landscape Texture Limits?


Cant really find any definitive information on this in the documentation, so I thought Id ask.
How many “Textures” can I use in a Landscape Material?.
How many Layers can I have in the aforementioned Material?.

128 Texture samples. Here you go for more info Unreal Engine 4.6 Released! Scroll to the “NEW MATERIAL SYSTEM FEATURES” There you will find all the info. And define layers a bit more. You mean like Material Layers with there own texture sampels in them? I beleave that everything gets baked down to one material, so material layers are just there for orginazing. So the simple anwser is 128 Texture samples.

128?.. That’s not terrible.
I think I’m at 3 Textures per Mat… (1 Diffuse, 1 Norm, 1 RMAH).
Okay, thank you for the info. I can relax a little now… Looks like Iv got a nice overhead, I’m at 12 texture’s in 4 layers.

Don’t start going crazy it is the maximum but perormance ofcource. Try as little as possible. 10 Materials BC - N - RMAH is More than engufe usally. Really just performance is going to go crazy. And its one of the the but i beleave its OpenLG only supports it so DX11 You can forget. It can also be the other way around. Try and keep it to 16 Textures if you really need more then go for it.