Landscape + Tessellation?

Running some tests.

I have tessellation in my material working nicely for non landscape objects. Dynamic, based on distance.

On the landscape - by just having the tessellation enabled within the material - the LODs start to move at a distance causing odd shifting effects (Which I have indeed seen on AAA games before).

This happens regardless of Adaptive or Crack Free, on PN Triangles.
Waiting on compile to test Flat.

Killing the landscape LODs by forcing them to 0 “fixes” the effect.

Has anyone else encountered this and have a possible fix?

IT wouldn’t be too bad except for on genera surfaces where it causes gaps… Screenshots to follow:

Example of the effect during motion:

Turns out it’s happening even with tessellation off on the material.
It is whatever the tessellation for the landscape is, and I have no option to turn it off on the landscape. Any Ideas where that went?

Strange, that jump in tessellation density… could it be how you programmed the drop off with distance in your material somehow? ( wild stab in the dark ).

No, the jump itself was due to the combo of Adaptive being ticked and mostly to the landscape tile size.

creating a new landscape with a more standard size got rid of much of the issue.
You can still see it happen even when tessellation is off, so it must be costing something in the render pipeline, but at the same time I’m over 80fps within pie at 4k so I think it’s OK.

I would much rather use the small tile size as a landscape made up of that occludes way better. Also likely performs better, but the issue with the shift kills the feel, so, catch22 for now.

short of the same as to how to increase lanscape fidelity and paint. Only way so far is to scale it down to 50 50 whateverz
which costs a lot…