Landscape tessellation improvements

There is a huge overhead when using Tessellation on landscape. Just enabling it takes a big performance hit. I remember hearing from epic that there are a lot of improvements to it that could be done but I haven’t heard about any plans for fixing it.
Is this something you could consider working on? While it’s not a feature that will be used by every game i feel like it’s something that would be very useful to showcase how great you can actually make things look with unreal.
Currently the performance hit is too great that it’s not worth using, even when having resolution lower with distance.

We’ve discussed it in this thread but would like to hear what Epic think about it. Landscape Tessellation Issue - Rendering - Unreal Engine Forums

Would be grateful for answers

+1, Tessellation needs some love.
Just yesterday a coworker told me they cant enable tessellation on a landscape because of performance getting crippled even if tessellation factors is 0.

There’s also the issue that Tessellation + Foliage + LODs give a horrible slowdown (whereas Tessellation + normal actors + LOD doesnt have the problem, and Tessellation + Foliage + no LOD also doesnt have the problem)


Oh I thought I was crazy. I tried tessellating a few tree trunks that worked great but a soon as I used them with foliage the performance went straight down the drain. I thought it was due to having too many of them but I did use LODS so It didn’t make much sense.

Epic, could we get a statement on this? Would be great to know if it’s something that is planned for improvements any time soon or if we should just give up on it.

in that case can you reply in the answerhub post that I linked? the more people acknowledge having the problem, the more likely it is that they will focus their attention on it :wink:

Done! Hopefully we can get an answer. I know they said that they know about the issue with Tessellation and that there is a lot of things they can do to optimize it, just hope it’ll be soon.

thank you!
yeah right now I can only really use tessellation on characters, so here’s to hoping they improve it :slight_smile: