[Landscape / Terrain tool] Instant Terra plugin Early Access (UE4/UE5)


If you haven’t heard the news, the Instant Terra Unreal plugin is available in Early Access here: https://wysilab.com/Features/Features-unreal-engine-plugin.html.

It allows you to create your terrain in Instant Terra and send it to Unreal in one click. No painful import process anymore (selecting the correct terrain size and vertical scale has always been a nightmare for me ;-)). That’s just awesome!

The plugin is free, so if you already have an Instant Terra license, just download the plugin for your version (4.26, 4.27 or 5) and that’s it. If not, you can send an email to unrealoffer@wysilab.com to get a 20% off limited-time coupon for Instant Terra and Instant Terra Unlimited.

The plugin is now available directly in UE marketplace at Instant Terra - Terrain generator in Code Plugins - UE Marketplace.
Works with any Instant Terra license, free or commercial.
If you want to try with UE5, you’ll find the relevant version here to give it a try: Unreal Engine plugin for terrains - UE4, UE5 - Instant Terra