Landscape Terrain Showing Black

I followed this tutorial - - YouTube but I’m getting black or very dark texture in areas where I haven’t painted yet. I want this area to be filed with a default layer. Like the grass. Any idea why this is filling with black? I’ve also tried changing the grass layer in the material’s preview weight to .5 and tried 1.0 as well. Any suggestions?

Have you searched for this at all?

I swear this topic gets reposted every week.

-are you using layers from world machine? (or do you just use the upper tutorial for the material?)
-when you dont use layers -> just paint with one layer over the entire terrain so that you have a “default layer”
-also make sure to take a look at this thread: https://forums.unrealengine/showthread.php?4070-Landscape-painting-help&highlight=landscape :slight_smile:


Yes I did. But the issues I had were not resolved by the results I found. Also, if this issue is posted every week perhaps you could have pointed me to the solution for a new member? Or maybe suggest a sticky for it if it’s a common problem. This way, the person next week wont have to post the same question.


No this wasn’t from World Machine, it was from 3D . But Im experimenting with World Machine right now and I think my issue has gone away (haven’t gotten far enough to test yet using world mahince). Thanks for the link on a possible solution. If my problem reminds I’ll investigate this link farther. Thanks again!


So the problem reappeared in my scene even with the conversion to an World Machine created file. I created a brand new UE4 scene, and only deleted the old World and Material. Reimported the same World Machine file, create a new material, and it works great now. Not sure what the issue was. But thanks for pointing me the direction of a possible solution.