Landscape, Terrain mesh import

I have nice real-world terrain mesh which I would like to import to UE4. I start with First Person Shooter template as I want to be able to walk on it and then import the mesh, then place it in the editor and adjust the character cylinder slightly above the terrain mesh, but when I play it character flies above the mesh like on flat surface, why?

It’s because of the collision -> use the “use complex as simple” collision :slight_smile:
I personally would recommend you to not use a mesh as your landscape, because the collision is not so good, you dont have lod’s and you are not so flexible -> so it’s better when you export your mesh as a heightmap + import it as a landscape

Thanks I’ll have a look into this.

I tried height map but it doesn’t work somehow, it is all pixelated and spiky… I probably am doing something wrong but have no idea what

Which 3d program do you use? + always make sure that you use a raw16 heightmap :smiley:

3ds max + photoshop, I rendered HM in max. I’ll try again maybe I’ve done something wrong