Landscape Technical Guide Documentation not found

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Just a little problem with official documentation : Landscape Technical Guide

"][RELATIVE:Engine/Landscape/TechnicalGuide]](Landscape Outdoor Terrain | Unreal Engine Documentation[RELATIVE:Engine/Landscape/TechnicalGuide)

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Yeah the correct link is:

Hey ChrisTM,

Where did that link show up? Looks like we need to fix that.

I am on Google chrome with last update


Here below GIF animated


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Wow, thanks for the animated .gif, ChrisTm! haha that’s fantastic :slight_smile:

It took me 1s Only with Gyazo :o


No new ? I’m the only one with this issue ? Maybe it’s my fault, plugin, script or something else that wrong within my computer ?

We haven’t published the fixed page yet. Ervald’s link is the correct one though. You can use that in the meantime.

Ok thank you , i saw many out of dated documentation but here & now , i saw it :

It isn’t really out of dated but we can choose FBX2014 ?

Here :

If I remember or see other not updated doc , I’ll post it here

Thank you

Hi there ,

Again me , here some link are broken :

Link :

Hi ChrisTm,

I saw the 404 links that you mentioned and have entered a bug report for it to be assessed. Thank you for your report!

you’re welcome , it’s my pleasure

I find the two links that are 404 broken here
I hope will help someone pending a fix…

Brian Karis Real Shading in Unreal Engine 4 PDF

Burley, Physically-Based Shading at Disney PDF

Hi ChrisTm,

These have been added to our bug reports. However, currently most Epic employees are on vacation from the 22nd to January 5th. Some of our support staff is available but there may be delays in particular fixes, such as broken links. We appreciate your continued patience and understanding and wish you all a very happy holidays!