Landscape suddenly goes flat when entering landscape mode

Hi everyone,

I’m relatively new to landscapes and have been working through a set of video tutorials. It’s been going great, but I’m suddenly running into a problem. I’ve sculpted a landscape, but as of this morning, whenever I enter landscape sculpting mode, it goes entirely flat. Does anyone have ideas about what might be causing this?

I recently created a new level and enabled World Composition, placing this as a sub-level. Could it be connected to this?

Before entering landscape mode:

After entering landscape mode:

Thank you in advance to anyone with ideas.

same issue here, any ideas?

Maybe you have editing layers enabled and a flat layer on top or something to that effect?

Other than that, never ran into this particular issue.

Normally when you switch mode the landscape gets re-computed. That’s why it goes all block like for a second and then adjusts.

If you migrated the project I suppose it could ve possible that the heightmap for the terrain that should go along with the editor mode may have ended up corrupted or something to that effect. If it did, you can likely extract it from the old project.

If you cant, make a landscape material that outputs 0 to 1 on RGB based on 2 scalar and the Z of world position. Then make a landscape impostor.
The resulting texture of the impostor should be a sub-par copy of the landscape heightmap (mind you, its 256 colors, not 65535 so its going to be extremely block-like).
With it converted to png16 and some radial blur you can likely achieve something rather similar to the initial heightmap.
If you are looking for accuracy, forget it. Start from the DTM again.

Thanks MostHost_LA.

I turned off “Edit Layers” and the issue went away, must have had something to do with that.

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Hi there, I am pretty new in this unreal world and also had the same issue. This how i fixed it without turning off Edit Layer. Just for reference, We never know

In Landscape mode, Go to Scupt tab and Edit layer blueprint brushes
Then toggle Affect height mpa icon on the right side.


Capture d'écran 2023-05-26 193952

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thank you sir! :heart: