Landscape Splines (with Mesh) - Copy Paste ?

Hi All,

I have been using landscape splines to lay complex railway tracks with great success.
It would make life so much easier if it were possible to copy and paste (complete splines),
CTL+ C etc or ALT + Drag do not work

This would be a really nice feature to have, take the situation…
You lay a road / railway, copy paste spline offset to one side ,
change all the road meshes to sidewalk
paste and offset again
Change all meshes to telegraph posts
repeat and change to fencing
repeat and change to a variety of shrubs to produce hedge line

Etc etc.

AN alternative approach could be layers on a landscape spline, where each layer can have an individual offset and spline mesh(s)

If anyone has any ideas on how to implement I am sure it would be a great MP seller, (I would be willing to pay if anyone could expose to copy paste in C++)

Maybe I should put in a feature request to Epic ?