Landscape splines width in meters?

Hi, I have to create a landscape spline 4 meters-large, how do I have to set the width value? the default value of 1000 is 10 meters? (1UU=1cm)

The width is stored in the spline’s control point. You can have a different width per control point or set them all to the same width.

If you already have a spline laid out, select your spline. In the Details panel, click the Control Points button next to “Select all connected” so all of the control points are selected for that spline. Under the ‘Landscape Spline Control Point’ section, there is a Width field. Set that to 4000 to get 4 meters. If you have multiple splines, repeat these steps for all of them.

this is also mentioned in the docs:

OK!!! Thank you very much :slight_smile:

No, wait… 4000=40 meters not 4, if it’s true that 1uu=1cm, right??? :confused:

1uu = 1 cm.

so yes 4000 cm = 40 meters and 400 cm = 4 meters. :slight_smile:

Oh yeah. Sorry about that.

Ok thanks guys! :slight_smile: