Landscape splines - set number of instances

I’m using landscape splines to position trees in a precise way and it seems to work great, but can I also set how many trees must be along the spline? (read: can I use landscape splines’ tweaks to set the distance from one tree to another?)

Hi m.orlandi,

There is no direct way to enter a number for the number of instances per segment. This is handled by the length of each segment.

If you need direct control over the number of instances per segment I would recommend looking into using Blueprint Splines rather than Landscape Splines.

You can read more about them in our Documentation and also check out our Blueprint Splines map in Content Examples.

Side question: Are landscape splines using instanced meshes? Because regular splines do not use instances as far as I know.

Considering the way splines are normally used, its almost impossible to allow for the meshes to be instanced.

Each one can be twisted and distorted in every which way. Not just as far as sizing goes.
so, probably not.

If you were to use instances you would be stuck to creating playset style roads like when you were a kid.
and matching the landscape incline would be near impossible.