Landscape Splines - Holes in Collision

Hi all

Having an issue with Landscape splines. They appear to be generating Player Collision - but only partially. Some splines generate mostly complete collisions, but others are very broken and missing most triangles.

Here’s an example of where it generates them correctly. The patchy bits on the right are simply where the road is falling underneath the terrain, the actual triangles for the collision exist.

However, sometimes the collision doesn’t generate for a triangle. This screenshot is taken from under the terrain, looking up, so we know it’s not just clipped by the terrain.

And in some spots, it’s completely broken!

When you play the game, the following warning gets spammed in the console repeatedly:

LogPhysics:Warning: AddConvexElemsToRigidActor: ConvexElem is missing ConvexMesh (0: /Game/Maps/UEDPIE_0_MainGeometry.MainGeometry:PersistentLevel.Landscape1.SplineMeshComponent_290.BodySetup_24)

I presume this is being generated by the broken road triangles. However, I can’t figure out how to fix the triangles. Adjusting the curve sometimes fixes them, but then breaks other spots leading in/out of the curve.

The Static Mesh the splines are using comes from one on the asset store - they have boring, two-triangle collision meshes. Attempts to use Unreal-generated box collision meshes also do not improve it.