Landscape spline with specific foliage on the sides

I’m using the spline tool from the landscape system to create path in a forest, but I would like to add a specific foliage that’s surrounding the path, that’s not elsewhere in the forest (imagine small rocks or a specific grass), and I can’t find a way to tell the system that I want to spread meshes around the splines. So far here’s what I was thinking to make this to happen:

  • Creating two other splines along the main ones, and find a way to scatter meshes. It’s fine but it will force to control 3 splines each time I want to change the path (for gameplay purposes)

  • Replacing the spline tool inside the landscape with a custom one (blueprint), made with a spline component and the new landmass system (custom brush that will edit the landscape). I will have to redo a lot of stuff that the landscape is making for me, like width per point, raise/lower the surface etc…

  • Placing my specific foliage by hand. Not ideal considering that these paths will change quite a lot during the development.

I’m also using the procedural foliage volume to scatter foliage but I didn’t see any way to tell some specific rules around the splines.

Any thoughts? Thank you!

Bump! Still couldn’t find a way to do it. I tried to make my own spline tool but the node “Editor Apply Spline” is destructive, it defeats the purpose…


Pretty simple.
Make the spline paint a specific material on the landscape.
Then use the procedural tools to spawn the correct type of foliage onto that specific landscape layer.

Painting is additive, so if you make your spline controls very wide, paint with a nice falloff, then reduce the spline points and paint again with a different material you can get several layers done.

Obviously this compromises landscape layer complexity and has a chance of running out of samples.