Landscape spline reference blueprint

Hi there everyone,

Is there anyway to access the landscape spline from the blueprints?

Thank you very much!

Looks like not.

Landscape is kinda static actor, so you can’t edit in runtime.

:|. I hoped that I was not able to find it and it was there, somewhere.

Do you know how to work with Editor Apply Spline? I am trying to deform the landscape the way landscape spline does it.
So I do not have to use landscape spline.

No, never used that.

But I think this function is not for runtime usage.

This is still a concern as of 4.20.3

My work around is to create an extra spline - make a script that places all the spline points to landscape, then pray it matches well enough, try to tweak it as best as possible.

Epic - Can we get a way to extract an actual spline to level so we can use for path, at the very least?