Landscape spline deformation overlaps

Hey there,

I ran into an issue when trying to make roads with landscape splines. I’ve bought the customizable Paths and Roads package off the store some time ago and implemented it into my game. However, when placing the splines onto the landscape and letting the landscape deform to them I get a lot of overlapping of the landscape that shines through the roads as shown here:


Even clicking deform landscape to splines multiple times doesn’t solve it. Then I turned the “mesh vertical offset” up to 3cm which helps a little but then it still looks like in the picture above (without it there’s even more overlap).
Then I tried to manually sculpt the landscape around the spline roads but that turned out way worse, getting me holes like this where the vehicle sinks deep into the road:


The ground itself is very straight when deforming it to the landscape, its not like there are huge hills that cause it (track links sit on the ground):


Any ideas on how I could fix those overlaps? Is it possible to project the road material onto the landscape’s shape like it works with decals? Or how do you tackle such things?

Then I got a very small other question, maybe you could give me a hint. With said roads I encounter a weird visual defect where my snow particles get tracers while moving through the transparent areas of the spline road. Any idea why this could happen? Looks like this:


Only happens in those transparent areas, nowhere else.

Hope I posted this in the right place and if someone could help me I’d be really happy.

Have a nice evening,