Landscape: Splat vs Paint.... can we bring 'em together?

I was wondering if their is a workflow that would allow you to define Landscape Layers based off a splat map as a starting point, but then iterate and refine via UE4’s Landscape layer paint tool.

It seems like you have to choose one or the other right now. But the potential workflow described above allows content creators to leverage awesome procedural tools (such as World Machine) as well as UE4’s sweet tools like the layer paint and splines.

Example Case: I have a huge Landscape. I made it with World Machine, and I am driving the Landscape material blending with a splatmap output from WM. Now I want to carve it up with roads and paint/blend some specific areas per my game’s needs.
I dont want to have to try and get the fidelity and natural look that WM splats give me by hand painting just so i can use UE4’s Landscape material tools.

nm, solved.
I did not realize you could import splats for individual landscape layer.

Could you post your setup for using splat map with layers, its something I interest in as well