Landscape spikes

I imported a landscape from World Machine. The Scale was 20KM x 20KM with a resolution of 8129x8129. When I imported it into Unreal Engine 4, the hills are really pixelated and pointy. So I thought maybe it was because the overall size was too big for the resolution to make it less pointy, so I scaled it down to 10KM x 10KM and the output was the same. It scaled down better and was sharper, but the ridgy points were still there. Any suggestions?

Can you give a photo, one from the world machine and one from the editor? The outcome from the world machine is the one you want and it gets altered in the editor?

-how do you export your heightmap?
-do you use the raw16 file type?
-have you done your landscape like in the world machine tutorials that you can find on youtube? :slight_smile:

Something that applies to tiled landscapes may also apply here (https://wiki.unrealengine/World_Machine_to_UE4_using_World_Composition#Tiled_Landscape_Import), I am specifically referring to this instruction: “When importing, change the Z scale. Times the world height used from World Machine by 0.1953125 and enter that number in Z scale.