landscape size?

I’m trying to import a ue3 landscape into ue4 however its going horribly wrong!

the specs I get from the ue3 landscape tool at export are:

Section Size (Quads): 127
Sections per component: 4
Component size (quads): 254
Landscape Components: 4
Collision Components: 4
Total Size (Quads): 509x509

When I bring it into Ue4, I use the fit to data options on import, however it renders a squeezed landscape.

I’ve tried importing it into world machine but I cant figure out what value I need for “Location” in the “Render Extents” tab and under “Terrain Altitudes” in “General Setup” in project settings should be?

I’ve used 509 (location) and +256, -256 (terrain alt) but the file wont then import into ue4?

Any ideas guys?

btw have used the following tut for world machine and its quite difficult to follow:

someone must know what size a 509x509 ue3 map translates to in world machine or how to set it up to import correctly in ue4???

how do i find terrain altitude, size in km etc and other data from a ue3 heightmap file?

Hey Delta1,

I’ll be making some assumptions here, because you haven’t specified the size of the landscape in sqm or sq km. You state its elevation range of -256m to 256m.

Location is used to specify the overall size of the extents in world machine, which gives you your workable area so to speak so say your 509x509 heightmap in the UE3 project is 8km square, You would set up the project like below:



You can now do your erosion etc and out put the file.

When you import the file it should now be fine. If it doesn’t look right, Change the Z scale. Times the world height used from World Machine by 0.1953125 and enter that number in Z scale. This usually works for me. and i got that hint form this doc.

Now 8km is a pretty huge map so if that doesnt work reduce the sqkm until your output seems more normal and also adjust your heights.

This you can’t get just from a heightmap. The heightmap only shows elevation difference not how high it is or how wide it is.

thanks for that dryfyt!

I dont actually know the size of the landscape, however when its imported into world machine it comes up with 8kmx8km

As you don’t know the dimensions, can you point me to some screenshots of the level or game in UE3 and I could take a guess at the size it would need to be in World Machine for you.

How long does it take for you to walk from one side of the map to the other?

Are there hills or mountains in the levels?

That 509 height map you have can be applied to pretty much any size terrain, we just need to figure out approx what size it is.

It takes about 8 mins to walk from one side of the other, but we’re only using a portion of it that takes around 2 minutes.

It is a mountainous/hilly environment.

I’ve pm’d you.