Landscape shipping build bug

terrain in the shipping build appears to be sinked deeper than in the development build or in the editor.

look at screenshot

dev build x64

shipping build x32

how to fix this?


I saw similar problems in earlier versions of the engine (before 4.6). Does changing LODFalloff property to Linear in landscape details fixes it?

screenshots above are from 4.5.1. In 4.6 landscape look different even in editor, it has new holes for example. Also i did not tried to coocked build for 4.6

Try to change LODFalloff property to “Linear” in landscape details panel.

Hi, we’ve had one other report of this bug and we’re trying to find the cause.

Can you tell me, is your Shipping build on PC? If so, can you try launching the shipping .exe file with the command line parameter “-notexturestreaming”, does that make the problem go away?


with LODFalloff property to “Linear” works fine. tnx

i hoped this bug is fixed in 4.6, so i installed 4.6 and tested only with 4.6 and not tested with 4.5. I have added command line parameter “-notexturestreaming” to shipping build and it did not change anything.

With 4.6 in development build landscape look fine and same as in editor.
But in 4.6 shipping build this bug look different. No water, but it look like ground is deeper, but collision of ground is on the right place

Hi ,

What are your scalability settings set to?

Hi h20,

Is this similar to what you are experiencing?

If yes, I have entered a bug report, UE-6929 to be assessed by the development staff. Thank you!

all by default engine i think, i did not change it ever.

hm, yes looks like i missed something before, LODFalloff property to “Linear” makes it to look the same in any build configuration.