Landscape Seam & LineTraceChannel Bug

So, I was building a grid generation blueprint for walkability on a landscape. Just one problem, the seam that runs along a couple of axis are returning as not part of the landscape object.

At first I thought it was my grid generation code and so I scoured to see if it was. After finding no fault with the logic. I then implemented a simple test blue print with just a LineTraceChannel and Variable to hold a ref to the Landscape Actor. Low and behold, if I position the test right on the seam it returned my simple false string of: Not Same Object. Moved it slightly off the seam and boom returns: Same Object. Okay well, it must just be this one landscape somehow. Nope, tested it with a brand new landscape as well and it happens just the same.

Easiest way to test: Create a 15x15 landscape → Position landscape corner at x=0,y=0. put an actor at x=6000,y=6000 (right in the center). Then have a blueprint that does a line trace from the actor’s position straight up and down, and compares the result actor to a ref of the landscape. It will return false aka not equal to the landscape. I have tested this multiple times in several new scenes and I can replicate it 100%.

Collision thickness for the landscape does not matter. It happens even if set to 1000 unreal units.

Here is a link to the blueprint I am using to test the seam collision (note it requires pressing R and assigning the actor to always receive input, before it will cast):

Can anyone else test this and confirm my findings? Thanks, Metric.