Landscape sculpting tools to model a garden

Hi all! First of all sorry for my english and for the questions but i’m a newbie… I have some questions about sculpting landscape in UE4: i’ve a scene modeled in rhino and imported in unreal via Datasmith Unreal Studio. The model is a simple house with a swimming pool in the garden, i would like to sculpt the surrounding garden with the landscape tools, to be able to paint foliage on it later. My problems are basically two: 1) can i remove the part of the landscape surface that goes into the house interior and into the swimming pool? (if not, how can i resolve this?) 2) i have two walls that should be “containment walls” so i want terrain remains flat on one side of the wall, i tried to reduce the brush dimension and set falloff to zero but is impossible to me to have total control on sculpting to define what modify and what not (to have a clearly defined separation between the two sides of the wall). How can i solve it? Am i wrong using landscape for my purpose? If yes, how could i achieve this kind of scene with a different method? For instance, i attach a link of an image i found on google to explain my kind of scene. Thanks a lot in advance to anyone will help me.