Landscape sculpt tools question

Hey everyone,
So I’ve been trying to find out if there is a way to set hot keys for different aspects of the landscape sculpting tools(such as increasing/decreasing the settings for brush size, brush falloff, and tool strength) but I can’t seem to find any info on this.

Also, in UDK you could use the sculpt tool by left clicking to raise terrain, holding control and left clicking to lower terrain, and holding shift to smooth terrain. But in UE4 when you hold shift and left click it just lowers terrain, and holding control and left clicking does the same thing as just left clicking terrain(raises it).

It was extremely useful to have the option to smooth terrain by holding shift, without having to go up to the landscape tool options and change manually between sculpting and smoothing.

I know that it’s only just a few seconds to manually swap to the smoothing mode, but when you do 10 hours of terrain sculpting per day for weeks on end, that adds up to a lot of time wasted(I can’t imagine having to do this with a sculpting software such as zbrush or mudbox, hot key smoothing is a life saver haha).

Basically my workflow could be far more efficient if I could have the option to change the sculpt tools with hot keys, so that I could customize it to swap between the different sculpt tools using 1, 2, 3, shift, control, alt, etc.

Additionally it would be very useful to have hot keys for the brush settings, and also the option to have the brush size, falloff and strength be “remembered” for each of the different tools, so for example when I’m sculpting I can have it set to a size of 350 with a strength of .2, but when I swap to smoothing it could be set to a size of 500 and a strength of .6

From what I have researched, others have tried to bind hotkeys for terrain sculpting but haven’t managed to get it working. Is there already features like this? I apologize if these features are already available and I’m just not looking for the info in the right places, but so far I’ve not managed to find any info on it.


I just stumbled over this and can only second those ideas, I’m doing a lot of manual landscape editing myself atm and I am cursing and swearing every time I have to switch to another tool for the reasons explained by Trystan abobe. I can only give a ballpark number but I’m pretty sure that I’m not too far off when I say that it would speed me up by a factor of 2, if not 3.