Landscape scale

I made landscape, scale it and start work. Now i realize that vertices is too far from each other and I can achieve results i want with this density.
So question is how can i add more density to this landscape or mb create new one but save all progress that already done?

If your trouble is the material, go to the landscape coordinates, and change the mapping scale to 7. But if you want to change the scale of your landscape, just find it in your world content, click on it, then change it’s scale.

If you’re talking about using displacement, then you can increase the density of the vertices by using the “Tesselation Multiplier” input in your landscape material. You can multiply that and increase the density, which will improve the vertex density. Be careful, though. It will increase the density of the entire landscape, which will drastically impact performance. Best way to do it is to only multiply the tessellation of the vertices near the player. There should be some tutorials on how to do this.