Landscape Scale Question

Hello! super simple question, but i’m going crazy trying to find the answer in any video or old forum thread, and have failed to do so. I am currently aiming to build a large map (my goal is 2km on each side, so 4 square km). How would i go about calculating that size via the landscape tool and making a landscape plane that large? with a scale of 100, I know 1uu is 1cm, so i need 200,000 uu per side. however, i don’t see an input for uu size. i see resolution, components, etc, but nothing that would indicate size besides the landscape scale. So basically, I just need a 2km wide square landscape. I feel like this should be a super simple thing. any help would be greatly appreciated! also, not sure if this is relevant, but i don’t need a high resolution, as my landscape will be super low-poly.