Landscape Resolution issues And landscape related questions


The Issue

So currently I’ve begun shaping my terrain but i have run into a few issues regarding what i presume is the Landscape Resolution or (How many vertices it has) this issue causes shard edges, Issues with painting terrain and so forth.

Things i have tried to resolve my issue

I have tried going to here to the landscape Tab Under Manage and trying to change values in the section shown below:

However, changing these values do nothing i can see, even with “Wire frame” view on.

Is it simply not possible to edit/change the Overall resolution?

Below is an issue i have been having regarding texturing the landscape which i Hope is related to the “Overall resolution” of the landscape Material.

Some Questions:

My question to this particular problem is IS there a way to create Straight and shaped paints to my terrain
And will this be only possible my manually trying to create a straight line?

Would it be a better idea to work with Splines and apply the material via the spline? However i would rather keep it all on the terrain for blending concerns and to keep things more simple since I am still learning as i go.

Thank you :slight_smile:

and please let me know if i need to add in anymore information to my issues. and hopefully i can get them resolved for my self and anyone else who encounters these as i have.
Thank you again for reading,