Landscape rendering bug for ios

I’m developing a mobile game using Unreal 4.8.

For the Landscape, one of layers is diplayed badly for iOS.

All of layers are displayed well for PC, Mobile preview and Android, not only for iOS.
It’s hard to solve. Is there any hint or explanation for this?

I would appreciate for your reply.

Mobile Preview

iOS Device

Hi sharbong,

To what device are you deploying your project, and what is its OS?

device is iphone 5s and ios8.3.
plz hlep.

Hi sharbong,

Can you show me your material setup?

Hi .
This is my material.

Are you using sample content textures or are these custom textures?

i use custom textures.

We will send the sample data. Please confirm receive.
Sample Data

Hi sharbong,

I’ve pulled the sample and will respond here once I have more information available.

Hi sharbong,

I was able to reproduce this and have entered a bug report, UE-17260, to be assessed by the development staff. If you are able to, rolling back to version 7.1 on the 5S should allow you to continue.

This problem disappears when you turn off the support options Matal API.
Please hope this quick fix.