Landscape question

Does anyone know if there’s a texture amount limit for landscapes in UE4 - like there was in udk?
I think it was 8 or 10 in UDK which was very low. I checked the manual but didn’t see it mentioned.
I’m hoping it has at least doubled.

I don’t have UE4 yet but would like to know this before getting it.

That was a limit of Direct X… not sure if it still is there with Dx10/11.
But you could use Texture Atlases, even in UDK.
Possibly they’re even more effective performance-wise than to load dozens of single textures…

Thanks, I did try an atlas a while back but couldn’t find a way around the ugly mipmapping seams I was getting but doing a search now I found there’s a work around after all. I’ll give it a try.

Would still love to know what the current texture limits are in landscape if anyone knows.

yeah you’ll need to add some padding into the textures.
Built a Photoshop macro for that a while ago…
Result was fine.