Landscape Question

I’ve recently started working on a game with large landscape and I got a question about how many textures possible use for landscape. I read somewhere that it is only 4 for landscape, is it really so?


I think your information is somewhat outdated or imprecise. There is no such limitation.

Number of unique textures you can use is set by number of texture samplers you use in material, and that is 16 max, but even that can be expanded by setting sampler type to Shared:Wrap(it is not available on all platforms though).
And this limit is applied not to the whole terrain, but only to individual components.

You can read more about terrain by following this link.

Thanks for quick reply. How can I contact you?

For your information, I am not a part of Support Staff, in case you’ve mistaken me for one. Just an ordinary user, like you. You are welcome to send me a private message on forums, but I’m not usually responding timely for all of them.