Landscape proxy

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I am a newbie and was trying to understand some details by checking the Kite Demo. I saw that in the Forest and Lake level, landscape Proxy is used instead of a landscape. My question is what is the difference between the landscape and landscape Proxy? Performance, visual quality, ease of use? I really appreciate if somebody can give me some details.

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I am still searching for an answer. Can anybody help me?

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There isn’t really a thing that you can use that is a “Landscape Proxy”, this is just the in-editor object for a tile of a tiled landscape. Tiled landscapes are essentially tiles that belong to 1 landscape. World Machine can export 1 landscape into many tiles, and they can then be imported into UE4. A reason to use tiled landscapes is that you can load/unload tiles as they get farther away to save on performance, which is especially helpful on landscapes that span several kilometers.

Jamendxman3 thanks a lot