Landscape Proxy, can't paint foliage. no dome showing

I imported a landscape height map and it loaded it as a landscape proxy, i can sculp it when ther’s no textures applied but when i put a texture on it (grass for example) it won’t let me. and the foliage painter wont show on the landscape proxy but it will on normal landscape’s. i’ve been searching for an answer all day and found nothing. is there a way i can convert my landscape proxy to normal landscape? HELP PLEASE!

Same Problem

Solved! I imported the landscape through the landscape manager.

How did you re import your landscape, sorry, but I can’t find a way, and I’m having real trouble with the trees?

Same issue how to use procedural foliage tool with Landscape streaming proxy ?

I need to add some grass :

Please help :slight_smile:

Follow the answer on this page, it’s relative to your current level so you have to create shared foliage type to achieve what you want to do in your tiled level with World Composition.

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