Landscape Planets?

So just food for thought… Is it even possible to curve 6 landscapes into a sphere to create a planet?

Or would a whole new tool be needed?

I imagine there would be geometry tearing, jagged texturing and light-mapping issues. Then again, the idea is very attractive. what’s stopping you from trying it? :slight_smile:

You’d need to write your own landscape system based on what currently exists. It’s totally possible (in fact I’ve seen it done in a commercial UE3 environment), but I would not expect it to be easy.

I think I would make one level for one patch and then connect them together to a sphere.

Wouldn’t this cause distortion and tearing since you’re laying a flat plane on a spherical object? I vaguely remember how difficult this was to do when I was studying cartography years back.

I don’t know if this would work but each quad on the sphere is completely flat so in theory this shouldn’t be a problem.

edit: With flat I mean you just have to move those 4 vertices in position. I think this could easily be done programmatically. Generate like 100 tiles that you can edit individually and then write a script that will put them together to a sphere.

is there not a way to sculpt a spherical landscape? or is it only for flat surfaces?

Working on it :slight_smile: