Landscape painting

Hi, i have problem with painting landscape

You might want to explain the problem. Screenshots are great and all. But without a written description of your problem, people are going to struggle to know what’s wrong.

Also, AnswerHub or the forums. Don’t just create a question on AnswerHub and then link to it here because you’re too impatient to wait for an answer.

When an entire component gets painted -> paint over the entire terrain with one layer - after that choose another one and then it should work :slight_smile:

nope, it’s still disappeared when i used any layers

You’ve only GOT one layer.

Yes but a have problem with disappearing textures on landscape when i start painting.
when i have more layers i have this same problem.

What version are you using.
Perhaps show the material also.

v. 4.7.3

Have you not thought of naming your layer?

OK, now i understand i think. My english is not well so…

  1. i must add material to landscape
  2. i must paint all landscape on one layer
  3. and now i can painting what ever i want

so why when i watching films on youtube nobody do like that (i must do that in every project)

  1. create a landscape material (like in the videos) -> e.g first part of this video:
  2. assign it to you landscape - click onto the plus beside the layers - create a new layer (also shown in the video)
  3. now select one layer - choose a strength of 1 - paint with it over the entire terrain
  4. now you can select other layers to paint on the landscape :slight_smile:

ok, thank you.