Landscape painting tool on static mesh?

So I’ve been playing around with the landscape tools (watching this tutorial, for example), and now I’m wondering if I can paint my multi-layered material directly on some static mesh actors in my scene, or if that tool only works with landscape objects.

When ever I try to access the landscape painting tools a large wireframe plane appears, suggesting it only wants to work with a new landscape. If I try using the paint tab (ie, not the landscape tab), the process of painting vertex colors seems to work differently than how I just learned for landscape texture painting.

So do the landscape painting tools ONLY work on landscape objects?

Did you find any information about it ?

I am under the impression that those painting tools only work with UE4 Landscape objects- not custom static mesh objects.

This is purely based on my own experimenting. No one told me this is the case nor did I read it somewhere.

Really no one can answer this question, and this question has been sitting here for 3 years!?
I have the same question.