Landscape painting problems

Guys I’ve been trying to paint a landscape I’ve sculpted using the landscape paint tool, but it completely paints an entire section of the terrain even the floor when I only want to paint the sides of hills, the material set up is as shown:

I’ve been using this tutorial:

Please help guys as otherwise I’ve got a landscape that half of looks like its on the moon!

There was some posts on previous versions of the engine having a similar issues with landscape painting, wonder if your issue is related?

Mind you there’s been loads of guys that have developed terrain/landscapes and must know the answer to this.

Thanks Doctor,

But its something very basic, I’m a complete amateur and there’s gotta be many people that know how to do this.

Can someone please help.


Ok to explain this issue in a bit more depth this is what’s going on:

In trying to paint the sides of my hills so the look a bit more rocky, I’m using the landscape paint tool set to a size of 20, a single click of the mouse instantly colours a massive area, as the before and after shows, any ideas guys?