Landscape Painting Issue


I am having some issue with the Landscape painting tool, Where i am painting another texture on top of the base layer, but it seems to be painting underneath, so when i go to erase the top layer it erases both and i end with up this.


Anyone have any ideas what i am doing wrong?

Here is the blueprint for the landscape painting tool:

forum 2.jpg
forum 3.jpg

These three sections then all feed into this main hub for the landscape texture

forum 6.jpg

I think you need to get weight blended layers instead of non-ones. Also , increase brush strength

i think you paint your world with paint tools. because if you use this tool, you will face a bug , that show you something like this, a black space. for solving this problem, you need to paint all of your map with each one of your colors, then when you did that, you can start painting. but if you use layers blending and painting your map automatically with material, you won’t see any of this bugs again.