Landscape painting help

Whenever I try to paint, instead of painting just a circular blob, it paints an entire terrain section. In addition to that I get the black artifacts. I read that in order to get rid of that, you need to set one texture as an alpha blend, but of course that does nothing.

Fighter has a great tutorial here: Unreal Engine 4 Tutorial: Landscape Tool (english) - YouTube

It covers landscape layer blending in decent depth. When you first apply a landscape material, it’ll look a bit terrible - just apply the base landscape material, and then your layered materials over it.

Hey MattD -

You may also want to check to make sure that the Max Painted Layers Per Component, which can be found in your Landscapes details panel under Landscape, is set appropriately to what you are trying to do.

Eric Ketchum

No go on Max Painted Layers Per Componenet, I set it to 4 (I’m using a dirt, grass, rock, and gravel layer) and nothing. I’ve rewired my materials about ten different times, nothing ever changes. Any ideas?

Try setting your Const Height Input to what your Preview Weights are…

Still nothing with that, is the landscape material system broken?

Hey MattD -

Change your Layer 0 (Layer 0 only) in the Material Layer Blend details from LB_HeightBlend to LB_AlphaBlend and see if that fixes you black areas.

I tried setting it like that, I have the material rebuilt, LayerInfo is using Weight Blending, Max Painted Layers Per Component is set to 4, and Const Height Input value matches my Preview Height. Nothing seems to fix it :frowning:

Bump, any suggestions? I REALLy need to get terrain working!

It’s a feature: if a tile of the landscape is selected, when you click on it with the brush, the whole tile would be fill with the selected texture. you don’t need to have your landscape or a tile selected to work on it.

So what do you press to paint on the terrain? Normally I use contrl-mouse 1, I haven’t found any other control combination that paints.

Paint one material onto the entire landscape and then choose a smaller brush and paint onto it -> now something circular should be painted onto the landscape :slight_smile:

I had a quite similar issues few days ago.
I got a lot of weird “black spot” on the landscape, after 5days running the same landscape with 3textures on it, normally.
When i tried to paint on those Black spot they got erased but expand to the nears area, was really weird. The only solution i found was to completely repaint with 1 material the landscape (with a huge brush, to completely remove those black expanding spot) then it was OK when i repaint the gravel and grass texture on it :S.

But i still don’t understand how it happened considering it was running perfectly for days before :S.

But i’m working with splat maps/pre-painted terrain, I don’t want to paint over my entire terrain with a single layer just to be able to make some modifications.

The Problem

Hey MattD,

Yeah, I had that problem too, looks something like this:

A Workaround

This is a workaround for that problem:

Have a Nice Day!

This video is private, btw 4.10 still broken landscape system