Landscape Paint Tutorials

Hey all

I’m looking for a more advanced landscape painting tutorial with materials/layers creation.

Spent entire weekend trying to paint a small landscape only to encounters bugs, ie black/gray square, paint 4 layers and get gray square and the only way to solve is creating a new level.

Its me or UE4 community don’t use landscape paint tool at all? everyone just create heightmaps with texture from another software and just import?

I personally use the landscape tool for all my terrains :stuck_out_tongue:

Either you do it with landscape layer blend nodes or with the landscape layer weight nodes -> I personally use the landscape layer weight nodes because I never had any problems with them.
When you want to learn how to create pretty advanced materials, take a look at the material from the vehicle demo.

gray square -> mostly it’s because you have painted onto the component with too many layers
black square -> just select a layer - paint over the entire terrain - select another one - paint. Now you should be abel to paint correctly.

I think the is not layer dependent but textures, the gotcha is it counts each layer as a texture also. So if you are efficient with your textures then you can get 5-7 layers, I’d have to go back to research it but I think 16 textures is , and it counts each layer and a new texture and maybe one for the material or something, it always feels like you get so few. I maybe wrong its something like that tho.