Landscape paint on top of an existing material

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I have a doubt regarding the paint funtion of landscapes. The situation is as follow: I created a material that basically done the work of painting for me and I didn’t need to use that feature for my project. However, now I want to add some pathways and other details to my landscape, and the only way I know I can do this is by painting. However, I didn’t use the painting feature, my texture is purely procedural. Is there a way I can add that material I created as a layer and have another layer with a new pathway material?

Below is how my material is structured. Kinda messy and hard to understand though.

Hey, yes, easiest way is,… Pack your Material setup into a Material Function… use this in another “master material” as a Layer in combination with the layer blend node… and voila,… some (screenshots attached as an example):

I have a auto landscape material with 6 and more layers,… the first paint layer is the automatic material itself with 3 layers for different angles, then the single materials from the “automat” as “overrides” so to speak,… and extra layers to paint,…

so, pack your auto-mat into a function,… use it in another material, and create another material, also in a material function (your “path” material)… and connect them into the “layer blend node”… Material functions are your best friends when it comes to this kind of stuff (and other things too)

Here’s the result (sorry, need to show off :D) Unreal Engine 4.26 Layered Autolandscape Material Preview and Quixel Surfaces - YouTube … automatic, paintable, exchangeable,… all by using functions… oh and you need to work with “material attributes” in this case… makes a lot easier…

hope this helps a bit
Cheers P.

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Hey there buddy!

Thank you so much for the detailed explanation, I’ll set up that right now! And your landscapes look amazing! I’ll be on the lookout for that tutorial coming up!

Pietro Bernardi