Landscape Outer Meshes Pack (Realistic Backgrounds)

Hi all.I just submitted the Landscape Outer Mesh Pack.

** Please go give them a vote!**


- Description -

  • This set of Landscape Outer Meshes is perfect for filling out the background of your next game or scene.This set includes highly detailed 11 Outer Meshes (5 Forest Mountain, 2 Afgan Mountain, 3 Canyons, 1 Desert).

Technical Details:

  • 11 High quality outer meshes.(5 Forest Mountain, 2 Afgan Mountain, 3 Canyons, 1 Desert)

  • 3 material for each mesh (Real-world Material, Real-World Snowy Material and SplatMap material)

**- 4 High quality 4096*4096 Real-World Textures for each mesh.(normal maps and Diffuse)

  • 1 High quality 4096*4096 SplatMap for each mesh.**

- 42 High quality tiled ground textures for SplatMaps. (2048*2048 normal maps and Diffuse )

- Selectable LOD Meshes (60K tri./ 30K Tri. / 15K Tri.(for mobile))

**- Adjustable size.

  • Easy installation on your landscapes.**

Intended Platforms: Desktop, Console, Mobile.




How much is this going to cost?

I like this quite a bit since so many packs are advertised but not coming out. Interested in the price point as well?

This is pretty awesome!

Thanks for all comments.
To think, $ 89.

Looks great!

the landscape looks… well im more intrested in that nice materialset! How many layers does those materials have? They are not that easy to make.

I personally don’t have a need for these… but man, your presentation is solid.

Really like the idea, Nice work!

Awesome, mate!

Awesome presentation, solid, professional. :slight_smile:
The blending between snow and other materials could use some work but since it’s for backgrounds, it’s already more than needed. (Thumbs up)

@Gkan Top notch presentation there mate :smiley:

Personally I don’t know whether I would buy these but I am more than happy to provide my vote for this pack.

I look forward to see what else you produce in the future (y)

Awearsome! Good job

Thanks for all comments :slight_smile:

Awesome sauce. Voted. Good job and fantastic presentation. 8-}


Hey bro would you mind replying to my email really curious about it and want to purchase if it is possible to do what i asked about

What happened to this it disappeared off trello and you are not replying about it?

what happened with this? It never made it to the market. I emailed the author a while back and got no response

After purchase am i provided with ue4 files all set up or just source files that i will need to import and set up manually?