Landscape Optimazation Tecniques

Hi Everyone,

I’m wondering i am starting a new project with a landscape. Its about 24KM x 24KM with a play area of 4KM x 4KM. I’m wondering Sould i now just build a huge tiled landscape or a tiled landscape with out the 4KM - 4KM at a low resolution and than a 4KM at a high resolution. I’m wondering if it accutaly does inpact performance. Or not?

And i just noted a spelling fault in my title sorry.

Ya English is fine mate.

I think my question to you is: Can you use Level Streaming?
I’m actually in the same position. Except mine is a 16x16 with 4x4 chunks. I’m going to use Level streaming to load the individual chunks… (I hope). I figure that technique would allow me more versatility with the landscape textures since the land locked tiles wont need the Beach or ocean textures…

Thanks, I ment like 2 landscapes where one is using level composition and the other one isn’t. So 2 full landscaps since the play area can always be loaded. I now with some further investegating, i see that i can better just use 1 tiled landscape. But just to clearify. One full tiled landscape and then a other inported landscape with a high resolution. The idea was that the play area has more detail than the background.

OH I see what you mean now…
Using one 24x24 landscape as a persistent level?.. and then loading the smaller 4x4 detailed tiles as the player moves about.
Sorry, didn’t quite understand.
Had not even considered that… Was just planning on using terrain and props to block the players line of sight so I didn’t need to worry about distant landscaping. But you have introduced a nice idea… Ill have to experiment with that.
Wait, 24x24?.. Man, you are planning on having some super clear lighting and environment conditions… :wink:

Its at a resolution of 1009. It’s super low quality even the textures i was planning for it where going to be 512. But i’m going to go for a one landscape it seems more pratical no double textures and such.