Landscape of Language - Kickstarter

Me and a friend have been working out a TD and GDD over past couple of months. We have also spent a lot of time looking into what I refer to as the “art of education” and how blend technologies
should become the new norm. In many ways and in many areas it has already become so, or at least moving there rapidly. Our project is based on learning words and languages visually.
We have decided on using UE4. For completing first phase of development we have just started a kickstarter campaign. In our pitch we only showcase our idea, though there are some preliminary work already done in UE4.

Due to having to take on other jobs, we are currently in need of funding to move forward so this can be our main focus. We hope to inspire the use of blend technologies in education and in the end create a great product that focus on words and languages.

If you are interested, please have a look.