Landscape needs physical material built, build landscapes does nothing

Currently when i launch as standalone or build a compiled version the landscapes do not render their material properly. I am not using a physical material but i get an error “Landscape physical material needs to be rebuilt” – all of it does properly render in popout window in the editor.

I have tried Build>All Landscapes and Build > All physical material

Running on unreal engine 5.0.2
Anyone have a solution to this? I have checked the other threads but they mentioned Build all landscapes works for them but its giving me 0 second build times

I just wanted to post what I did to get around this as no other post on the internet suggests anything.

The megascan texture i was using did not support virtual texture support causing it to never build. To temporarily resolve this open ProjectSettings> Engine-Rendering > Enable Virtual Texture support ← and uncheck it and restart the editor and allow everything to build.

This isn’t a complete solution as it is less performant without virtual texture maps but was the only thing that resolved this problem for my landscapes


Hi I have same problem but on all maps .
If I do my own map or I use bought map from market all of them show :Landscape physical material need to be rebuilt(1024objects)
What I try is rebuild all landscape,geometry ,physical material only and I get 0 second build times ,even I done uninstall ue5.0.3 clear ssd and install ue5 on fresh ssd and download all sets from ue market and you know what ,still this error message .But all maps work fine in 4.27 and in ue5.0.3 error. Ofcourse I try projectsettings >engine>rendering>enable>virtual texture.
Last thing what I tested was migration from 4.27 to 5.0.3 map work well in 4.27 but in 5.0.3 still that message vrrr

Can somebody help me ?


I have the same issue in UE5.3. I’ve seen this with imported landscapes from Gaea, with newly created landscapes in Unreal, and imported landscapes from older projects. Build time is 0 if I try Build Landscape or Physical Material. I can’t find anything online to help with this. I seriously don’t understand how so many people are posting about this and we have no response from Epic.

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Does anyone have any information on this please?