Landscape Multiverse

Hi all
here are some of the images of your videogame Multiverse
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Very lacking of variety, scene brights up the objects around to brightly. I would consider to work a lot more on to have more variety on the textures, add more foliage, add in atmospheric fog, and work a bit more on just about everything.

What can I do for increase the map quality and how can I add many models but have the same good framerate?
these are only screen of my WIP of the map.
Thanks for feedback

To improve your FPS: How to Improve Frame Rate Through Video Settings - Unreal Engine
Else it’s best to buy better equipment such as: GPU, CPU and for load times SSD.
There is no magical thing to increase your FPS besides the first link i gave you or upgrading.

To increase map quality, check out some youtube tutorials, find inspiration online, search for: speed level design.

You can just simply add models if you made them with any of the 3d modelling programs such as: Blender, Modo, 3DS max or maya etc…
Then simply import them or convert them into .fbx files.

Once you convert to .FBX via program read this:

Find some tutorials on low poly modelling or from high to low poly modelling so that you can get the hang of reducing resources in games etc.

we have already done many models of characters

For example: