Landscape Mesh Object - Instanced Model

Is there any method for creating an instanced mesh and applying that to the foliage? Here is why I ask:

  1. I have a mesh which is a gumdrop that has a base material of white (so it can be colored for other portions of code)
  2. I cant seem to create an instance of the mesh for use with the landscape (or at all for some reason)
  3. I want to be able to keep the current scripts in place and then only use an instanced version of the gumdrop (purple and green) for the landscape.

So, is this possible? If not what is the best route to make this happen. Thanks for the help in advance.

This is the material for the base color (white) that way I can color switch with instanced versions

This is how they look with the land Mesh/foliage linking.

This is the colors applied via the script and instanced texture change

Shameless bump? Anybody got any ideas?

Have you looked at this ?
I have not tried it (yet), But it appears to do what you want.


Thank you, this is pretty close to what I wanted.