Landscape mesh collision components shifted when changing collision mip level

Hi there,

For a repro open the LandscapeMap in the attached project. It contains a landscape with 3x3 components, with the center one having been retopologized (i.e. using a landscape mesh collision component).

If you simulate as it is you’ll see the all spheres falling on the landscape as expected. Now stop the simulation and change the Collision Mip Level of the landscape to 1. If you simulate again you will see the sphere over the center landscape component going through the landscape.

Could you guys have a look at it?



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Hi Luis,

I was able to reproduce this on my end and have entered a bug report, UE-15615 so it can be assessed by the development staff. Thank you!

Thanks for the quick response . Do you know where I can keep track of the status of UE-15615?

Unfortunately we do not have a public tracker at present. However I am more than happy to provide the current status of the bug in the future.