Landscape merging

Hi I really need to know if there’s a chance that I can merge 2 landscape imported as .r16 from WM. Is this even possible? Because I imported them but they don’t line up so I can’t get a seamless terrain. I would like to make a tiled build but my map is very huge and this would burn my CPU lol.

Thanks in advance

From what i understand, you can import the first heightmap as .r16 like you would normally with WM or something else into UE, then just go to your landscape tab, create a new landscape, import the next .r16 and then drag and rotate them so they match. Now you should have 2 terrains together.

that’s what I did! But there’s no way to make them match… I start to think I’m crazy lol.
Anyway this is a WM/UE4 comparison:

It seems all ok right? But when you get closer this is the result

Anyway I uploaded the files so if you want you can check them by yourself.