Landscape Memory Leak

Hello guys,

So I found a memory leak related to landscapes and even further that the leak is ingrained within the new Physx module.

I posted a bug report but the Epic Devs haven’t been able to reproduce it:…-bug-leak.html

I was wondering if anyone here could test this and see if they’re getting the same result.

Incidentally I also found that disabling collisions on landscape causes the leak to disappear.

This leak didn’t occur with versions 4.13.2 and below as they were all using PhysX 3.3.

I’m currently in the middle of downgrading ue4 version 4.14 PhysX module from 3.4 to 3.3 to
see if the problem is corrected.


I am giving this a bump as this affects me :slight_smile:

Okay I fixed the bug: