Landscape max size with world partition

World partition is supposed to replace world composition so you use one landscape instead of breaking it into tiles, because world partition does this for you. But the whole point of using world composition was to be able to import terrain of any size, while a single landscape is limited to 8129*8129 vertices.
So what happens if we need really large terrains without losing texel density by scaling the landscape? Adding more landscapes with seams?

You can still import tiled terrains with World Partition on. It just uses the normal import process now.

If you name them name_x0_y0, name_x1_y0 etc it will automatically figure out the size and such when you select one of the tile files.

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Yes, I know this is old. But while you can import tiled landscapes to be stitched together during the import process, it’s a MASSIVE resource hog. anything over 16k total would crash when attempting to do so. it is possible to import a 16k landscape as a single file (if using world machine, tell it to recombine the tiled build into a single file) but anything larger and you’ll run into system resource limitations. I can’t even import a 16k landscape as a tileset of 4x4 4k tiles. I run into vram limitations during the import process. only if I import it as a single heightmap can I get it in, and even then it fills my RAM and pages a bunch in the process (usage drops to reasonable levels afterwards).

For a file that’s 231MB on disk, I’m blown away by how much the engine uses importing it.

At this point, as clunky as it was, I think world composition was a better solution for really large worlds. At minimum, you could actually import all the tiles and not crash… World partition seems promising, but for actually large terrains, it is not robust enough.

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Are you using the non-destructive paint layers? That system I think will use much more VRAM than if it’s not enabled. Unfortunately I don’t know a workaround if you need it, though.

I could do without them, I think. for the most part I’ll be handling all of my world generation in world machine. the terrain scale I’m using makes it just not practical to do much manual authoring.

I would definitely try disabling it, then. Curious to hear if it helps, though I’m reasonably sure it should.

The old dev pipeline for “World Composition” is not the same as for “World Partition” in UE5…

The current Landscape Technical information document is outdated and needs updating for UE5 and the documents state this, so the limits for resolution(8129x8129 vertices for UE4 WC) don’t apply for the new “world Partition” system in UE5. The limiting factor for “World Partition”, as I understand it, is simply system RAM/VRAM that’s available.
This question is confusing many people from what I’ve seen, including those that are currently posting so called tutorials for “World Partition” on YouTube and the likes… Epic really do need to update the UE5 “Landscape Technical Documents” as soon as possible to counter this confusion… I’m just surprised this wasn’t a higher priority for Epic considering other UE5 documents that have been produced and updated for UE5 already.

This would also suggest that the third party world building applications such as “World Builder”, etc, will also be updating their apps to take advantage of the landscape capabilities of UE5 and “World Partition” for Unreal Engine 5 too?

I understand that the latest version of Houdini already allows for the creation of landscapes of any size given the available RAM to do so.

@CarolKarine - I just found this post because I been searching for a solution and I think I’m having a similar problem. I want larger landscapes but even in World Partition with limiting the tiles loaded depending on player location it still crashed. I am currently looking into trying to scale everything down before importing into unreal. For example if I make all my landscape 50% smaller I can get 2x more and just shrink my assets down as well. If you have a solution or work around please let me know :smiley:

There are a series of video’s discussing World Partition and max size of terrains here: