Landscape materials checkerboarded

I completed the Unreal Engine [LandscapeQuickStartGuide4][2] and am now stuck at [LandscapeQuickStartGuide5][3]. I have added the material to the landscape and created the Landscape Layer Info. The Soil, Grass, and Snow all appear as gray circles. When I try to paint the entire component turns checkerboarded. I have done everything exactly as the tutorial states. Any ideas on how to fix this?

When generating the shaders for a landscape, a shader is specifically generated for the lansdcape component based on the material applied to it and the amount of layers it has. If the sum of the texture samples composing the layers applied on a landscape is more than 16 the engine will instead apply the default material to every new layer added to it.

One solution I can think of is to set the Sampler Source on each of your TextureSamples in your landscape material to Shared:Wraped like displayed below:


Other thing you can try is to reduce the amount of textures used by each of your layers.
Hope this helps! Make it a great day!