Landscape Material World Aligned, Tri-Planar (all layers) and Tessellation for the beginners like me

After much googling and reading I have combined a few tutorials and finally got the landscape material working that i wanted to make.

I hope some other newbies / noobs like me can use this and safe themselves a lot of time and frustration!!! It is really great fun to just play around with the material and all its possible settings, instead of googling for days every time stumbling on questions from years ago that were never answered.

The Material consists of 3 layers: Rock (weight), Sand (weight) and a transparent layer Moss_Grass (non Weight).
All three layers are Tri-Planar, to prevent stretching on cliff faces etc.
The material is world aligned so it will initially fill your landscape with a slope determined blend between the Rock and Sand, but you can then still paint the individual layers to your liking.
The material has tessellation and world displacement


  • I don’t take any credit because I ‘stood on the shoulders of giants’ and just combined their efforts and insights.
  • I am not an artist, still learning to work with substance designer, so yeah visually ‘there is room for improvement’

You can easily switch out the textures with anything you like. Just remember to set the Sampler Source back to ‘shared wrap’ !!
It is also fairly easy to extend the material with extra layers etc.


  • I would love to export and upload the material somewhere, I just don’t know how and where :):):slight_smile:
  • Any tips & tricks to make the material more efficient / better please share them

Found two problems which i was not aware of when posting this:

  1. The normals were taking into account in the world alligned blend. The effect of this was that when you came close to the surface the world alligned blend was applied on a ‘micro’ level. So while moving the camera you would see the base color of the ‘flat ground’ being replaced with the base color of the ‘slopes’, because the normal of the ‘flat ground’ also has slopes.

=> instead of the alpha (top pin) i used the vertex-normals (middle pin) out of the world alligned blend.
Extra bonus was that i could now replace 5* world alligned blends with 1

  1. The tessellation caused some white noise / artifacts at the bottom of the screen

=> in the material under tessellation there is a 'max setting which is default at 0. I set it to 100 and the noise / artifacts are gone.

*I also noticed that in the original setup 3 out of 5 of my world alligned blends were effectively doing the exact same thing :slight_smile:

I am still not happy with the tri-planar aspect of the material. I still have stretching on the z-axis on steep slopes and at certain angles i see stripes on the -x and -y.

First i want to extend the material with some functionality to ‘blend out / soften’ the tiling.

Thank you for sharing this. I admire the work. I have been using a more lazy approach by buying various automatic landscape materials from the marketplace and trying to see if any of them fit my needs. The one from Reztech studios is my favorite so far. I do wish there were more tutorials on Youtube about this topic.

Nice one! Tnx for sharing it. Im struggling to do same thing atm :confused: Sadly screenshots are unreadable for most part. Atleast i know its possible now :smiley: i would love to be able to download it tho :frowning:

Replace textures with freebies and upload to google drive, thats my suggestion on sharing part… or atleast link tutorials you’ve used.

Anyways, thanks a ton man!